Perera Legal

A note from our founding lawyer


Thank you for checking us out. As you decide on the next steps of your future, you may wonder whether we are a good fit for your case. You may want to why we do what we do and what motivates us to help others. 

My journey to become a lawyer started many years ago, when I first migrated to Canada with my family at a very young age. I remember telling others that I either wanted to be a lawyer, or a doctor. However, the sight of blood terrified me so I opted for the former. Setting goals and consistently working hard to achieve them came naturally to me, specially when I felt that I needed to prove myself at every turn. The work ethic, dedication to the cause, compassion and focus that I learned early on in my life continue to contribute to my success in law and life. I absolutely love and am very passionate about the work that I do as a lawyer.

The need to take on challenging work and share my knowledge with others is deeply rooted in my personality. Like any other business owner, going the extra mile for my clients is my motto. My team will do the same. We are a close-knit bunch and enjoy working together. This is why we are also selective about the clients that we choose to work with. I firmly believe that in order for a lawyer-client relationship to be successful, there must be mutual respect and understanding of one another.

As you take the next step to make your Canada dream a reality, the first step should be working with a professional who is the right fit for you and your family. Don’t settle for any less. I invite you to submit your assessment application to us and learn about how we can help you navigate to a better life in Canada.