Caroline is an established entrepreneur and a Lawyer Licensing Candidate of the Law Society of Alberta. Caroline completed her Bachelors of Law at Staffordshire University. 

Caroline supports and assists clients at PLG in immigration, legal technology and remote work. Caroline’s previous employment experiences at reputable law firms in Alberta have provided her with extensive experience in assessing clients’ eligibility for various immigration programs, preparing applications for permanent residence and refugee claimants as well as assisting lawyers with drafting estate planning documents. Amongst others, she also has experience assisting in personal injury, estate and commercial litigation matters.

Caroline firmly believes in increasing the effectiveness of the practice of the law through the use of modern legal technology. Her natural entrepreneurial spirit enables her to assist PLG’s clients with complex legal issues by adopting innovative and out-of-the-box thinking methods. 

Caroline is well versed with legislations in several jurisdictions in Canada. While attending law school, Caroline co-founded Love Legal, a UK based estate planning platform that uses modern technology to assist individuals and families to create their own wills and estate planning documents from anywhere in the world and have a lawyer review them to ensure final drafts reflect their wishes. Caroline presently serves as the COO of Love Legal. Further, Caroline is the founder of Lumose Marketplace, a marketplace where solo lawyers and small law firm owners can compare and test out legal software. 

In her free time, Caroline enjoys outdoor activities and travelling.